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Fabric weight is just a really important factor to consider if you realize your custom branded t-shirt is going to be worn either in a hot or cool climate. If you’re stuck for t-shirt niche ideas and fashoins, an excellent start is looking at what else is popular and currently selling well.

If you have some T-shirt ideas but not a lot of confidence with your graphic design skills, consider getting aid from an expert designer. Freelancing sites like the ones below could be a great source to find design help to suit your financial budget.

Glow in the Dark screen printing ink is screen printed by printing around the under base. The under base ink used can be as extender ink or white base. Glowing in the Dark type screen printing is available in both rubber and plastisol types.

Want to make a t-shirt with your own personal design?

A niche may help your online t shirt printing hong kong business stand out and much better attract the proper target audience without blowing your financial budget.

The materials and colors with the fabrics Custom.co.id use is in the best quality with a consistent a higher level color stability, nor fade when washed.

If it is in the dark place, the Glow in the Dark ink will glow. This is because the ink contains phosphor powder. The phosphor character can absorb light after which emit it again.

In most cases, the answer is definitely yes! Creating your first all-over print design can be hard. Here’s steer clear of all the missteps and challenges that are included with making a stunning all-over design for your store or channel.


Our exciting variety of custom t-shirts includes Unisex round-neck tees, that happen to be perfect casual t-shirts, Bulk round-neck tees, that happen to be attractive if you are in a band, a team or even plan an outing using your colleagues. You can even customize a array of Polo t-shirts too, and choose from classic, regular or premium polos. You can learn a lot more about them inside the respective product pages.

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